Set Goals & Take Action

Hello my beauties.

The most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with yourself. This is not about comparing yourself to others, thinking that you are better or worse than them; self love is about accepting, trusting and taking care of yourself.

As promised on my last post, How To Be More Confident, today I will be touching on the first tip I gave you, Set Goals & Take Action.

I used to be the type of person who would always come up with ideas of things to do, but never get into action. Don’t get me wrong, I am a big planner. I would always have a very detailed plan of what I was going to do, but for what? I would follow it for a few days and then drop it completely. I wasted tons of energy on planning. >.<

Throughout the years, as I continued to work on myself, I realized how going through with the plan can help with your confidence. Feeling like you have accomplished something, whether you got the results you wanted or not, brings your mood up. Why? Well, because you did it. You set your mind to it and you did it. Be dang proud of it. 


The most recent thing I recall is when I first decided to start blogging. It’s a bit funny actually, my sisters were starting their own, but I wanted no part of it so I chose to ignore everything they would say about it. Although that’s completely a “little sister” thing to do, ignore your big sisters, the real reason was because I never saw myself as someone that could write well. English is not my first language, therefore I felt a bit self conscious about it and always made that my excuse. I felt like people wouldn’t understand what I had to say. But one day I got tired of making up excuses, I set a goal, made a plan, and created my website and blog. Now here I am, and although I am not the best at writing, I love sharing these tips with you, and thank God I have received nothing but great feedback. Let me tell you, it feels great knowing that I actually went through with it and can now impact others with what I share.

Ok. So, how does this actually help? It is actually proven that when you write your goals down or when you constantly see a picture of what you want, you are more likely to remember it and work towards it. I personally started writing down my goals, keeping a calendar, and creating vision boards so that I can have all of my goals and plans in order. Here is the actual Planner I have been using for the past few years. It is very convenient for everything, I absolutely love it!

Few tips on setting goals and getting to work:

  1. Be as clear as possible, with dates and everything. Ex. I will have over 100 subscribers by the end of this year. 😉 **HINT HINT** This will keep you motivated and will push you to actually get to work, it will keep yourself accountable. The more detailed you are about this vision, the more confident you’ll feel about it.
  2. Set small goals as well as big ones. The big goals will paint the bigger picture, but can also overwhelm you. Breaking it down into smaller goals will make sure that you don’t get discouraged. The more small goals you achieve, the better you’ll feel. These will add up to a big accomplishment and you’ll be getting closer and closer to what you want.
  3. You also have to visualize yourself at your goal. How would you feel if you already had it? What will your life look like? How will it change? Feel as if you have already attained it, and think about it constantly. Picturing yourself at the finish line will lead you to a greater feeling of accomplishment and will prepare you for success.
  4. Now, don’t just write them down and think about how great you will feel once you have it; if you do, you’ll be making the same mistake I made. You have to get to work. How else will you actually get it?? Take out your to-do list and get to work. Do the biggest or hardest tasks early in the morning to get them out of the way. Right away you’ll feel better about yourself. Sitting at home and thinking about it will only make you feel worse.
  5. Keep your focus on the goal and be present. Take it serious but relax at the same time. You don’t want it to feel as something that you HAVE to do, but something that you WANT to do because you know what will come from it. With a lighter state of mind it will become a lot easier to work on things. Don’t force it.

Challenge yourself when you are setting these goals. Live your life with purpose. There’s not one time I can remember where I didn’t feel good after accomplishing a goal. If you continue setting goals and achieving them, you will start to develop a respect for yourself that nobody else can give you.

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.”
Dale Carnegie

Ok. I want to do a little exercise with you now. In the comment section I want you to share these 3 things with me:

  1. One small goal you have. Be as detailed as you’d like. I will have over 100 subscribers by the end of this year. 
  2. How will you feel once you achieve it? and why? I will feel humbly proud (if that makes sense) of myself for inspiring others and knowing they relate to my story.
  3. What you will do to achieve it. I will continue to share my tips, hoping that more and more people continue to connect and get inspired.

Now you GO!

Until next time my cuties!


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Oh boy! Oh Boy! It’s almost here!

Oh, what a week!! This may not be the most appealing blog for a few of you, but the struggle is real, so I know lots of you ladies will relate.

“I have cramps”, “I feel bloated”, “I have a headache”. Yes! We’ve all used those excuses to get out of working out or doing anything. I know because I have used them too. It is almost that time of the month for me, so it has been a struggle getting to the gym or even getting up from my bed. Yes…. It can be that bad.

Our cycle can be a drag and interfere with our social life, workouts and even our healthy eating routine. I feel your pain. Actually, most women tend to ditch the gym during that time of the month. But many studies show that, in fact, women feel better when they get moving during their cycle. I know! I know! The last thing you want to do when on your period is workout. But working out can actually help relieve the cramping, bloating and also helps regulate the flow. Not only that, but it can help combat those mood swings and get you in a better mood.

First, let’s understand a little bit more about what happens during our cycle.

During Week 1, you’re in a low hormone phase, and you tend to channel more carbs for energy instead of fat, so hard and fast workouts may feel easier to do around this time. A workout recommendation is to do HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training). The hormones shifts make fuel more accessible to your body, so it helps you push harder and get more out of this short but intense workout.

On Weeks 2 & 3, you’re starting to ovulate, so you need to listen to your body. You are probably bloated or feeling lazy. You’re feeling more sensitive, so be kind to yourself and try not to do any exercise that would bother your knee, and make sure to not skip your warm-up.

During Week 4 you may feel even more sluggish and with a lack of motivation, so plan ahead for it. During this time, muscle breakdown increases so try less stressful routines and schedule them ahead of time. Also, battle your cravings by adding healthy carbs to your diet, like sweet potatoes.

Something I also try to do is take some pain relievers and my Herbalife Women’s Choice tabbies a few days ahead of time, this way I can beat the cramps before they get to me and keep me from going to the gym. Of course, if the cramps are intolerable, it is recommended you visit your doctor.

So, how does working out help? When you workout you release endorphins which can trigger a positive feeling in the body and reduce the perception of pain. It helps reduce the levels of stress and anxiety, which reduces the severity of your cramps and helps your circulation. It beats fatigue and headaches as it activates your heart muscles and increases energy levels.

Now, if you’re really not feeling it, listen to your body and just take a rest day or don’t go as hard at the gym. But as long as you get moving, it will help you feel better overall. Working out during your period can help you feel more powerful, stronger and even increase muscle mass.

So, now you know. Don’t let a little bleeding slow you down from your routine and the results you’re already getting.

Pay attention to your cycle so you know how to work with it, put on your workout clothes and go get it in!


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