It’s not Mondays that suck, its your life.

I used to be the type of person to wake up and immediately look at my phone and scroll through Instagram. Until one day I saw this post that said, “It’s not Mondays that suck, its your life.” Not because I hate Monday’s, but because I realized how what I was currently doing with my time was affecting my life. So ever since then, it has become a ritual for me to start my morning with Personal Development before anything else. The reason why I do that is because it now helps me start my day on a positive note, which sets me off to have a great day, no matter what happens that day. So whether that is listening to a video, reading, completing one of my Bible Plans, or simply having a conversation with God, I make sure to start my day that way.

Your day goes however you want it to go. If you start your day in a bad note, and decide that it will be a bad day, then guess what??? it will be a bad day. But if you start on a good note, it doesn’t matter what happens to you, you will react to things differently, and you will start noticing how you don’t let those things ruin your day anymore. You start noticing how your days change, how you start having less and less problems, because you are in a less moody state.

LoveLifeI always encourage self growth, which I think is obvious as you look at my page and read a few of my posts. I encourage everyone to follow their heart, because you never know the wonderful places it can lead you to. So I do a lot of Personal Development. This is something everyone should be doing first thing when you start your day.

Well, today I heard a really great video that had an amazing group of speakers put together into one. It starts with a great message from a book called “The Complete Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch. Which is a great recommendation if you are spiritual/religious. You will also hear different quotes from big names in the sports and entertainment field. I don’t think it is a coincidence that so many successful people have the same ideas and principles when it comes to success. They all share similar ideas to help you succeed, that you can find in bible scriptures with a twist of modern language.

I think it is important for us, specially people my generation or younger, to seek guidance from people who are already at the level you want to be at. To listen to those who have been through life because they already know what works and what doesn’t. They have already gone through mistakes that we can learn from. And although you will still make mistakes, even the same ones, you can at least skim some of these by just listening to those that are where you want to be.

You have to do what most people don’t want to do, what they don’t have the passion to do. This is the only way success will come to you. The things that take the most time, that are the hardest, are the things that will make you the most successful version of yourself.

Like the video says, you are your own rule maker. You set the guidelines. You decide how well you have done, how well you are doing, how well you will do. For you are the one who decides who and what you really are and who you want to be.

So look at what successful people are already doing, listen to what they have to say, and adjust whatever you need to adjust based on your life, so that we can all be there too. See you at the top!

Here is that video I was referring to. Hope you listen to it and that it helps.

One of the Most Motivational Videos You’ll Ever See

If you have any other video or book suggestions, please share them in the comments. I am looking forward to adding a ton my list.


How to become more Confident.

Having low self-esteem and self-confidence makes it impossible to be yourself. I remember a few years back how one of my main wishes was to gain my confidence back because I was losing sense of who I was.

As I mentioned on my first post WHO AM I, I shared how not long ago I went through a rough break up that left me in a dark place. This relationship was all I cared about, I invested all of my energy into it and forgot who I was in the process. So the moment it ended I was completely lost. I felt like I didn’t know what I liked anymore, I had no purpose, I lost tons of friends because of it, I distanced myself from family, I had no desire to do anything, I was living day by day not knowing what I wanted from life.

Basically, I was in desperate need of gaining my confidence back. But how? I had no clue what to do. Some people may say, “Well, just be confident in yourself.” Yeah…. that’s easier said than done. There is no magical switch you can turn your confidence ON and OFF with. So that advice was not very helpful. At all.

At this point, I was starting a nutrition program with my sisters because I had gained a few pounds due to everything that I was going through. I am an extreme stress eater as you may have read on AVOID CRAVINGS. I was able to drop the pounds I needed to lose, and at the moment I felt like this helped me gain some confidence back, and although it did, it wasn’t what completely did it for me.

I remember I then went to this one event for the company I was doing the program with, and they spoke about something called Personal Development. This term was like a different language to me. Personal Development is positive things that you do/listen to/read/write/say on a daily basis that help you improve yourself. PD helps enhance the quality of your life. Now, I had listened to motivational videos before, but I never saw it as something to do on a daily basis to improve myself.

So, because I am a good student, and like I said I was in desperate need, I started doing my daily PD. Because if you don’t believe in yourself, then how can others believe in you? I listened to this book called The Secret and many others. Well, while reading these books, listening to the videos, I learned about different things that I can do to get my confidence back.

I will share briefly on here what these tips are, however, throughout the next few weeks, I want to go into more detail on each. Follow my blog so that you get the notification when I post about each tip. I will be concentrating on one tip per post, to help you really understand each one a bit more. I really hope you find something useful from this blog that helps you improve and maintain your own level of confidence.

I have also created a 30 Day Confidence Challenge that you could JOIN. It is completely FREE. Just contact me for more details.

Here they are:

  1. Set goals and Take action. Something I used to do all the time was come up with an idea or plan, but never do it. I would always over think it instead of acting on it. But actually getting it done helps you have that feeling of accomplishment and it boosts your confidence, even if it’s by a little bit.
  2. Face your fears. The way to develop confidence into something is by getting out of your comfort zone, facing your fears and doing it. Pushing through those self-limiting beliefs you have had since little. Doing things that scare you is where you’ll be able to build your confidence.
  3. Realize that not everything has to be perfect. Fear of failure can hold you back from doing what you want. You have to learn how to not let it be something that breaks you down, instead something you can grow from. This is important for the growth of your self-confidence and overall as a human being. 
  4. Get to know who you are. To build your confidence up, you have to get to know yourself better. When you know more about yourself and the things that you want out of life, you will have more confidence in what you do. Find your Me Time, whether that is reading a book, dancing to your favorite song, a long bath, working out, write. Find what you like to do, and do it for at least 30mins – an hour. Doing this will help you disconnect from the world for a few minutes, and will help you refocus and boost your mood.
  5. Surround yourself with like-minded people. Bringing yourself around people with a positive attitude and mindset will improve both your self-confidence and self-worth.
  6. Talk to yourself. Yes, I know. Fabely, are you crazy? Maybe a little, but this really does work. They are called Daily Affirmations. On a daily basis, stand in front of the mirror and say positive things to yourself. You may not believe it, but your body listens to what you say to it. Be kind to yourself.
  7. Change your mindset. Self confidence is a mindset that takes effort to maintain. It’s something that you need to master in order to change for the better. Believe in yourself in order to do it. Act the part.
  8. Crack a smile. Last but not least, smile. At everyone you see, at yourself. If there is one instant way to boost your confidence, it is by smiling.

This will of course take time. It may be an ongoing thing for your life. But get started now. Like I said, taking action is one of the things that will help you.

So I hope that you follow my blog and stick around each week to learn more about them, that you JOIN MY CHALLENGE, and actually start putting them into practice in your life. I will go into detail about each one, so that you implement one each week and see how it can help you improve yourself. Look at it as a weekly to do.

As this quote says, “When eating an elephant take one bite at a time.” If you have patience and perseverance, you are only steps away from a more confident you.

I will be doing this with you too. Let your girls know about this post. Let’s continue to build ourselves up, empower each other and become the beautiful Invincible Butterflies that we are.

By the way, next time you’re shopping on Amazon, be sure to use my link! Doing so is absolutely FREE for you, and a great way to support this blog!

Until next time my cuties!


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