February Check In

Wow! It’s already the second of February. Feels like just yesterday I was home celebrating New Year’s Eve with my family.

Anywho, did you make it? Did you go through with your resolutions? Are you still sticking to it? Or are you already falling back into old habits? Are you getting frustrated with the results?

This post is just a friendly reminder to KEEP GOING!! This is only the second chapter of twelve. Don’t give up.

The first few months are for exploring, finding out what works best for you. This is the beginning of your journey, your story. Don’t give up in the beginning… Like any book, you have to work your way up to the good part. If you know from the beginning how the story goes, or how it will end, will you really want to read it? So just keep going, we all want to see how great your story will end.

Just imagine 4 more weeks from now what you will look like and feel like if you stick to it. The change will be so much more noticeable, but only if you keep going.

Hey! If January wasn’t your best, you still have another eleven months. That is a lot of time to get back up and achieve whatever it is you want. So again, keep pushing. It may seem like a long time right now, but those months will fly by.

Keep killing it!

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Feb Kiss

Are you being pulled back like an arrow?

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 11.20.05 PMSoooo….

Today I wanted to share a conversation that I was having with a friend not long ago. He was telling me about a situation that he was going through at work, where he failed at something that he desperately wanted to achieve, so he had to restart the process all the way from zero.

As the great friend that I am, I was giving him some advice to calm him down a bit. I felt like I had some experience since I went through similar things in this business. I went through situations where I either had to rebuild my whole organization and/or client base from scratch because of minor mistakes. But you see, many things in life are that way. You may start something you are passionate about, but then out of nowhere, one simple thing goes wrong and you have to start all over.

There is always a reason behind everything that happens to you in life. There is no coincidence in God’s world, only Godcidence. See, everything that you go through is already part of the plan that God (or whatever higher power you believe in) has in stores for you. Although it may not seem as pretty right now, there is always something so much bigger and better waiting for you. We just have to keep going until we get it. Sometimes we forget that and waste so much time and energy in complaining about the situation, and I say it because I do it too. Instead, we should invest that energy in pushing even harder, making moves, and put our faith in God that everything will get better, if it is part of the plan of course.

Many times throughout our journey, we feel we are taking steps backwards. No matter how hard we try, it just doesn’t seem like we are making any progress. Most of the time we are focused on concrete changes to validate whether we are reaching the goal; and when these things don’t happen we may begin to lose motivation. However, change is a process and many times there are major shifts energetically and internally that need to happen before we see a physical manifestation.

I don’t know who this message is for, if anybody is even reading this and getting something out of it. Who knows? maybe this is a message that I am writing for myself. But what I want you to understand is that, whatever it is, it is only a minor setback, something momentary. It doesn’t mean that you have to stop going and working for what you want.

Stop complaining about not being where you want to be in life. It takes years of dedication, hard work, consistency, failures, energy, sacrifices and effort to get to the top of whatever you are trying to get. There are no short cuts, and beating yourself up about a minor setback is only going to set you back even more.

Like the quote says, “Nobody said it would be easy. If it was easy, everyone would do it. It’s the hard that makes it great.” Things aren’t supposed to magically happen for you, to be all flowers and rainbows. You have to go through the downs to appreciate the ups. Yes, some people succeed on the first try, but if you do, you won’t appreciate the win and you may settle. Now, if you fall a couple of times and get back up even harder, you already know what being down feels like, so you’ll feel even better when you win. You learn to appreciate the win. You also learn that there is more, you don’t settle for that one win. Because if you tried different ways until you succeeded, then you know that there are different possibilities in which you can reach something. Makes sense? It shows you that you can continue pushing for more and that nothing can stop you.

But you have to dedicate yourself everyday to mastering your craft. You have to stay consistent, put in the work, stay dedicated, make the necessary sacrifices, and not give up. Stop comparing your journey to others. The only person you should compare yourself to is the old you. This is the only way in which you’ll be able to see how much progress you have made, how much you have grown.

Learn to grow through what you go through. You got this and you will get out of whatever situation it is that you are in. As long as you do your part and put your energy in the right bucket, then you are set. The more we, “the arrow,” get pulled back the harder we fight against it. Persistence and hard work do pay off. Keep building your foundation, staying present in the work you are doing, fall back on your tools if necessary so that when that arrow finally launches you are fully ready to receive all that you deserve!

Take a look at this book that helped me a lot in learning how to get myself out of these down moments and embracing the Badass that I am. This book helped increase my self esteem and motivation.

You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life


Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 7.10.56 PM

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The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment
You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life
The 5 Second Rule: Transform your Life, Work, and Confidence with Everyday Courage
The Power of Positive Thinking

Avoid Cravings & Temptations!

          Aloha!! Has this happened to you? You just had lunch, but then 30mins later you remember you have some chocolate in the fridge, so you eat it. Then another 30mins go by and you start craving something salty and as if they read your mind, your coworker comes in with some chips to offer. By the time you know it, you’ve had about 3million calories in just one sitting.

          Well, that was me a few years ago, and even sometimes during that time of the month. As you may have read on my last blog, Oh Boy! Oh Boy! It’s almost here! mother nature was blessing me with something. But in all seriousness, we all go through it. We all get cravings or are constantly tempted to eat something that doesn’t necessarily go according to our meal plan.

          Let’s be honest, improving your eating habits is hard, and for some reason this is the exact time when your family decides to be super nice and offer everything they have. But trust me, its doable; it just takes consistency, dedication, discipline and willpower. Always do everything one step at a time.

          Most of these cravings are because of our hormones, stress, anxiety or even dehydration. But there are different things that you can do to switch your mindset and avoid them.

Here are 7 tips to help avoid cravings and not fall into temptations:

    1. Have a hearty breakfast. Eat a good balanced meal with low calories but enough protein and carbs, to help maintain your sugar levels and to help you stay satisfied throughout the day. This is why I love my Herbalife Shakes, because they are super simple and have what my body needs. You can also have eggs with some oatmeal, yogurt with nuts, and others.
    2. Replace your cravings with healthier options. Choose low processed carbs to keep your blood sugar levels steady. This means, no fries, crackers or chips, and going for whole grains and starchy veggies, such as sweet potatoes, beans, lentils, peas, squash, and others. Bake them instead of frying for a healthier option. Instead of chocolate, try snacking on nuts. If you want ice cream, try a sorbet or frozen yogurt. There’s always healthy options.
    3. Snack throughout the day. Technically, to maintain a healthy metabolism, you should be eating every two to three hours. This means that you should be having your three main meals and having healthy snacks in between, to keep you satisfied and avoid feeling famished and pigging out.
    4. Always be prepared. Have a plan. Prep your meals and snacks ahead of time, cook them at home. This will help you avoid having to run to the store or the vending machine for the quick unhealthy solution. Making them at home helps you have control over what goes into your food. Preparation is KEY!
    5. Drink lots of water throughout the day. Having a glass of water can boost your blood flow and can also help you feel full. Most of the time we feel hungry, when in reality our body is just dehydrated and needs some water. Try using a big water bottle like this really cute one, to help you keep track of the amount you have daily. I currently have a gallon of water a day. 3 Liter BPA Free Reusable Plastic Drinking Water Bottle Jug Container w/ Hand Holder Canteen and Stainless Steel Cap – Pink
    6. Get plenty of sleep. Sleep deprivation can cause your body to crave more calories to be able to get the energy it needs to keep going.
    7. Change your mindset. Be mindful when you experience these cravings. Visualize your goal. Is having that going to get you closer to it? What are the consequences of you having it? Say “I don’t” instead of “I can’t”. What you say to yourself plays a big role in your life. Saying “I can’t” is sending a message to your brain that you are forcing yourself not to do something, while saying “I don’t” is reminds you that you are in control and have power over what you do. I can’t is a restriction and I don’t is a choice.

              But like I also mentioned on my last blog, if you’re really craving something, just have it. Sometimes depriving ourselves from something will only make the craving bigger. Of course, make sure that it is not something you are doing on a regular basis, because then what is the point of trying to be healthy. Remember, everything in moderation. But if you know you have been behaving, following your plan, then WTH! Just have it!

    2017-08-25 23.00.27
    Drink lots of water.
    2017-08-25 23.00.09
    Healthy breakfast.
    2017-08-25 23.00.38
    Healthy snacks.
    2017-08-25 23.00.23
    Hearty Meal.
    2017-08-25 23.00.18
    Be prepared.
    2017-08-25 23.00.34
    Plenty of sleep.


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