Tips to maintain a positive attitude at work.

So I recently started a new temporary job, and I have to say that it has been tough after not having to work for someone else for so long. So I thought it would be great to share with you guys a few tips on how I maintain a positive attitude at work, especially if you’re under a lot of pressure. Keeping a positive vibe at work can definitely make a huge difference in your success in this business, and life.

Whether you work from home or the corporate world, these tips will help keep the place a happy one:

  1. Recognition. Make sure to recognize your coworkers when you see that they are doing something right. It doesn’t matter the position that you’re in, do it. If someone always has their desk clean, or someone is being awesome with follow ups, being extra dedicated, compliment them. Everyone likes a little love to keep them encouraged.
  2.  Help. Anytime that you can. If you see that someone needs some help with something, always be the person that jumps on to help. It lets people know that they can depend on you.
  3. PositiveNo text. If there’s an important conversation you need to have with any of your coworkers, do it in person. Face to face. You never know how someone takes what you are trying to say. This will strengthen your communication at work.
  4. Have fun. Lighten up sometimes. Don’t be a dull coworker. Keep your focus but laugh and have fun at the same time.
  5. Have lunch time with others. Get to know them outside of work. Talk about something other than work.
  6. Stay positive. Your attitude is everything. A workplace full of drama can get toxic super quick. I get that you may not love your job, but it’s all about perspective. Tell yourself everyday “I am going to have a positive outlook today”.
  7.  Business and personal don’t match. Try to leave your personal business outside of work, and your business outside of your personal life. This is key. You have to know when yo turn off one or the other to keep them separate.

I hope these tips were helpful. They have helped me the past few weeks and at any other job I have had. But at the end of the day, we are all working to achieve greatness, beating ourselves down will not get us there.

Success is not about what you do, but about WHO you are. Choose to be happy and positive.

 What are some tips that have helped you stay positive at work??

Smile… it is contagious!

OMG guys!!! It is the last week of our How To Become more Confident journey, although this doesn’t mean I’ll stop posting about it 😉 But I really do hope that a lot of you have been able to follow the whole journey and have become the Confident Woman/Man that you were born to be.

Ok. So let’s get on with our last tip, very short and straight to the point, Smile! Yes, SMILE 🙂 and BIG!!

Don’t tell me those pictures didn’t just make you all fuzzy inside!! Too much cuteness. But that is the power of a smile. Sometimes we underestimate its power, but if there is one instant way to boost your confidence, it is by cracking a smile. There is a reason why God gave you those pearly whites. This will make you appear both confident and composed.

LaughJust by showing a small smile you can help any feelings of stress, so you immediately become happier and relaxed. And to triple that confidence, why don’t you go ahead and smile at that cute guy or girl you see on your morning commute, maybe it’ll even land you a date.

Trust me. It works. I feel instantly better when I smile, and you will too. It will also help you be kinder to others, which causes a chain reaction. Not a bad thing, right? Specially since our world needs that right now!!

Being kind to others and generous with yourself, your time and what you have, is a big way to improve your self-image. You start to feel good about yourself anytime you do an act of kindness.

Be KindWhen you smile at another person, a warm and genuine smile, you are letting them know that they are pleasant, likeable, safe, secure. A smile is so powerful that it can transform a person with low self-confidence.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start smiling at people. Every morning when you are on your way to work, to school, when you leave to go home, when you’re ordering something at the drive through window, or the front desk cashier, just smile at everyone, for NO reason. Ask them how their day is/was, how they are doing. You will see you how you will light up a smile in them too. You will feel happy and they will feel happy.


Until next time my cuties!

Be Happy

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