February Check In

Wow! It’s already the second of February. Feels like just yesterday I was home celebrating New Year’s Eve with my family.

Anywho, did you make it? Did you go through with your resolutions? Are you still sticking to it? Or are you already falling back into old habits? Are you getting frustrated with the results?

This post is just a friendly reminder to KEEP GOING!! This is only the second chapter of twelve. Don’t give up.

The first few months are for exploring, finding out what works best for you. This is the beginning of your journey, your story. Don’t give up in the beginning… Like any book, you have to work your way up to the good part. If you know from the beginning how the story goes, or how it will end, will you really want to read it? So just keep going, we all want to see how great your story will end.

Just imagine 4 more weeks from now what you will look like and feel like if you stick to it. The change will be so much more noticeable, but only if you keep going.

Hey! If January wasn’t your best, you still have another eleven months. That is a lot of time to get back up and achieve whatever it is you want. So again, keep pushing. It may seem like a long time right now, but those months will fly by.

Keep killing it!

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Feb Kiss

How to start lifting?

A few years ago I couldn’t get into lifting, not even if my life depended on it. I would create this awesome workout, go to the gym, perform it, and then not even go back. I was 0% into it. But then I realized that it was because my mind wasn’t really into it. I wasn’t doing it for me. 😒

You see, when you start something or do something in general, you have to make sure that it is something you are doing for you. Because you like it and want to do it. Otherwise, it’s just going to feel forced and you will end up giving up quick. Just like I did so many times when trying to start my healthy lifestyle.

It took me a few tries, until I finally asked myself, why is it that I really want to do this? Why do I want to start working out? Lifting? So ask yourself those questions. Are you doing it to please someone else? Or is it really for you? Because you enjoy it? Because you genuinely want to change your lifestyle, to get healthier, and are you ready for it?

But now that I have actually stuck to a routine, I have to say that lifting is awesome. 💪🏼 Not only do you feel more powerful and confident when you are lifting things, but it can also do a lot of good to your body. Like improve your posture, build muscle, make you stronger, help you lose weight, and improve your health overall.

I mainly lift because it makes me feel good and I’m able to transform my body to the way I want it to look. 💁🏼‍♀️

So here are some tips you can use for when you are starting to lift:

  • First of all, know that men and women can do the same workouts just fine. Ladies, it won’t make you look bulky. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Just make sure to adjust the weights to what you are capable of lifting and challenge yourself when you are choosing the weights. Don’t try to take the easy route. Choose a weight that challenges you while still being able to hold proper form.
  • Try to use more free weights than the machines. Machines are good for beginners, but you want to strive towards the free weights more. Make sure you learn the proper form of each workout before you start working out, or before you start adding extra weights. If you feel a bit intimidated in the free weights area, read a few tips I shared on How To Become More Confident at the Gym.
  • Usually I split my routines between lower and upper body. But you can start by doing full body workouts, targeting all parts of your body, until you get more used to a routine and familiar with what works with your body.
  • For your reps, it all depends on your goal. If you are trying to build strength, shoot for 1-5 reps and between 1-10 sets. If you are looking to build muscle, aim for 8-12 reps and 3-4 sets. Now, if you are trying to build endurance, 8-12 reps works fine, but you can also try to aim for 15+ reps.
  • Don’t try to be Superman and workout every single day. Remember to have your rest days. They are also important because you will get sore, specially if you’re just starting out. Listen to your body and know when to take a rest day.
  • Do some research to create your workouts. Usually, the night before or a few hours before my workouts, I look up other fitness pages on Instagram to get inspired on the type of workout I want to do, and also to make sure I know the proper form. You can also YouTube ideas. Look for workouts based on your goal. They are all different. You can go on my Instagram @Fabby_FitLife and look for the hashtag #FabbyFitVideo to get some ideas of workouts you can do.
  • And most importantly, you have to start eating right. If you want to lose weight, gain muscle, get strong, get healthy, shred, whatever your goal is, you HAVE to start eating right. You have to have a balanced diet, with adequate protein intake, good fats, carbs for energy, and the right amount of calories. Again, there are different plans based on your goal.

I’ll be more than happy to help you create a workout and meal plan that works based on your goal, just contact me and I got you 😉 

I hope these few tips can help you get your lifting part of your workout started. I definitely love lifting and I hope you do too. There are just so many benefits from it.

If you lift, what are your best tips for someone who is just starting out?

Recovery tips for after the Holidays

So the holidays are over. Don’t you just love the mini vacation though? I sure do! But vacations/holidays can definitely take its toll on our body. So it is time to get back on track. I know, I know!! Time to get back to your routine.

I had an amazing time with my family and friends, check some pictures HERE. I enjoyed the food we had, while still being mindful and staying on track as much as possible. How did you do? Did you eat too much?

Here are some tips to help you get back on track faster:

  • Start where you are. It might be easier to start there and have a period of transition than trying to jump right back into your old routine. Ease back into it.
  • Don’t try to do it all at once. You might just feel overwhelmed and will fail and then feel like crap. Focus on one thing at a time.
  • Drink more water, it will help you flush out faster.
  • Stop eating those leftovers. They’re just extra carbs.
  • Eat more veggies and add more fiber to your meals. 
  • Cut your salt intake. More than likely, your meals during the holidays had a higher amount of salt than you’re used to. So avoid it for a few days.
  • Stop weighting yourself too often to check the damage. Weight yourself once and set it as the start weight of your journey, but avoid weighing yourself every day.
  • Love yourself and accept that you enjoyed the Holidays with the people you care about.
  • Don’t beat yourself up. Ditch the guilt. It isn’t worth it. You are living a healthier lifestyle and that includes enjoying the holidays.

Hope these tips help you recover faster and get back on track. What helps you get back on track? Let me know in the comments.

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New Years Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are the main topic around this time of year. We see this time as a way to start clean to hit a new goal. Whether it is a health, spiritual, financial, or personal goal. But what we don’t realize is that not a lot changes from year to year and majority of us fail at most of them.

The reason why I think that is, is because we underestimate how much it really takes to change an unhealthy habit. We normally get started on these things we want for the new year, but once we see that it is not happening right away, we give up for a while, sometimes completely.

dear self new yearSo instead of creating the same resolutions you set every year, come up with some alternatives that can help you start your healthy lifestyle and keep it permanently.

Instead of saying something like, “I will start doing 100 sit ups a day” or “I will do the plank/squat challenge”, say “I will incorporate more ab exercises and cardio into my workouts.” Don’t say “I will exercise every day”, instead say “I will move every day” or “I will exercise 3-5 times a week”.

Why is that? Doing sit ups won’t make you skinny, it won’t make you lose belly fat. Plus, you don’t become fit by working out every single day. You become fit by finding a balance between work and rest. Exercising every day can actually make you weaker because it break down your body. Resting will help your body recover itself and get ready for the next time it is challenged.

Also, don’t say “I will stop eating unhealthy food” because you don’t want to restrict yourself some food, because this will more likely drive you to fall faster and harder than before. Instead, say something like “I will eat a balanced diet with room for treats with moderation.” And don’t use the word “cheat” because it suggests that what you’re doing is wrong, when it’s not.

So take some time to think about what you really want to accomplish this new year, and the reason why. Will it make you happy once you achieve it? If not, don’t waste your time on it. If you really do want to change your lifestyle, be realistic with your goals, and focus on finding things that will make this shift a lot easier. Most importantly, take care of yourself.

Be happy with what you have but work

Here are some few tips that can actually help you stay committed and consistent with your goals:

  • Write them down. If you write them down or see a picture of it daily, it will make it easier for you to remember it.
  • Visualize yourself at your goal. How would you feel if you were already there? If you already had that thing you wanted? Think about it constantly.
  • Look at the bigger picture. Don’t let the little things distract you. The doubters, self doubt, temptation, don’t let it stop you.
  • Be grateful for your support system. Get rid of any people who are toxic and bringing you down. If they are not supportive of your goal, they don’t need to be a part of your life. Be grateful for those who do.
  • If you make a mistake, it’s ok. We all screw up once in a while. It is ok. The world won’t end, life goes on. Just pick the pieces back up and keep it going.

You won’t be perfect, you have to realize that. But don’t give up. Continue to work hard on your goals until… no ifs or buts. Demolish your goals. I hope these tips can help you a bit, they have definitely helped me in the last few years.  I hope that you achieve everything you want in life and that you live the life you so deserve.

Good luck!

Happy early New Year!!

this is your year

What is your worth?

Sooooo, the other day I was listening to a Podcast where the main topic called my attention, so obviously I am going to share with you guys. It spoke about how we determine our self-worth based on other people’s bodies or lives.

I’m not sure how many times I have mentioned that the power of our thinking has a lot to do with the way we live our lives, because life is lived from the inside out. We create our own self-worth based on how we see and speak to ourselves.

Self reflection.jpgMost of the time we measure our worth based on other people’s looks or achievements. There are tons of fitness models out there, with different body types, workout plans and meal plans. But something we need to realize is that most of these people have gone through a specific process, customized to their goal and body, to get to where they are. Some of these people train specifically for this photo shoot that we see on Instagram. There’s an extensive process that they have to go through to get to this level. 

I mentioned on my last post, Be The Best Version of Yourself, how I used to look up to other fitness models as my Body Goal, but I have realized that you have to set achievable goals based on your current status. Yes! Definitely look up to those women as a motivation, but never as your goal. Am I making sense? Set realistic goals while still having a bigger picture in mind.

There is a lot of work that goes behind most of those pictures we see. We tend to buy into this lie because this has become something that we see on a daily basis, which makes us start thinking, “Wow, look how perfect their body is, how happy they must be”, etc. When in reality, these people don’t look like that ALL the time. Again, you have to do a lot to get there, and it also takes a lot to maintain it.

It’s not something that is impossible to achieve, but understand that everyone has their own process, their own journey.

When we look at those people we usually think that they must be super popular, that they deserve more things than we do, we give them more value than we give ourselves. We then think, “wow she doesn’t have cellulite like me, she doesn’t have love handles”. Listen, you don’t know if those pictures are photoshopped, which they probably are. Whatever you’re thinking when you see these people, you need to stop it.Love yourself. Worth Spectrum

For all we know, these people go through dehydration and extreme dieting to get there. Is that really what you want? The goal should always be to be healthy while achieving your goal, not to kill yourself for just a few extra pounds.

The way you look can’t change what your worth is. You should never allow it to. You can’t capture true beauty in just one picture anyways, so stop feeling bad about yourself. They probably took thousands of pictures to get that one perfect one, lol I speak from experience.

You see on someone’s Instagram what they want you to see.

Limit the amount of time you spend looking through social media. Stop comparing yourself. Again, use them as a motivation but always having yourself as your role model, becoming your best self. Concentrate on your own journey, your progress, the things that you are overcoming and the person you are now becoming.

Dont Doubt your worthYour value lies in being who you are. We are each unique, you can’t deny the fact that you were created with a purpose. You were created to be who you are and what you are.

So stop trying to be like those other people. You just have to love yourself and you are the one who determines your worth. Stop thinking that you have to look a certain way to be happy, that you need a specific job to be successful or respected.

What stays in your life is what you tolerate and what you celebrate. Meaning, if you celebrate you, and your body, versus hating it and comparing it to others, then that’s what you’ll continue to get.

What do you celebrate about yourself? Even if it’s the smallest thing. If you can’t find one thing, then you need to make major changes. Make a list if you need to.

Start appreciating and celebrating your body for how it is, what it does for you.

Don’t tolerate any negative thinking or things into your life. The more you tolerate these things, the more they will be in your life.

Confidence, self-worth, self-love, starts from the inside out. This is what gives you the courage to go for the things you want, gives you the energy to live your own life. But it all starts from within and the way you think about yourself, the way you speak to yourself about your body, your personality, your attributes, your worth.

self worthStop rating yourself based on what other people look like, stop rejecting yourself or tolerating negativity into your life, and start embracing self-love, accept yourself, allow for your confidence to grow, and you’ll see how your life is going to change.

Your worth is found in you being you. Everyday ask yourself, did I love myself and those around me? If the answer is yes, then that’s all you need.

Love yourself today and always. Love Life. Live life. To the fullest.

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Have an amazing day my beauties.



Tips to spend a Healthier & Happier December

Ok guys. It is December 1st. We have officially entered the last month of the year. Holiday seasons has already started a few weeks ago, and staying strong during these days is a real test of your strength. Hope you behaved during Thanksgiving.

Healthier decemberI love December, because it is all about being cozy, decorating, time with family, love, and lots of FOOD. I LOVE eating!! 😂  I am Dominican so the food that we eat during the Holidays is just crazy delicious, but I won’t mention them so you don’t get hungry while reading.

Anywayyssss…. I am here to tell you that it is possible to make your December a bit healthier. Don’t worry, you won’t be skipping any of the amazing goodies. Also, some things to help you spend a happier Holiday Season with your family. I am all about Family, spending time with them, sharing memories, and what better time than the Holidays for that.

Here are a few tips:

  • Walk outside. Specially if you live in a state where you’re able to see all seasons, so you can enjoy the scenery. Unfortunately I live in Florida, so we don’t get to enjoy the pretty Holiday views, but we still have good weather to go out for a run. But if it’s too cold, just go for a quick walk around your neighborhood, through the park, take the kids, or walk your dog more often. It’s normal to lose some motivation to workout during the holidays, so this will give you peace, energy and a good quick workout.walk
  • Play some board games with the family. This is a great way to spend some quality time with your loved ones. If you don’t already, make it part of your Holiday tradition. This will have such a positive effect on your well-being. Board games
  • Snack on heathy foods often so that you don’t indulge in all the sweets. Of course, do not deny yourself the pleasure of Christmas treats, but snacking on healthy options often during the day will help you control those cravings. But have the cookie, it won’t hurt you. Having a treat in moderation is part of your healthy living.
  • Practice some meditation or yoga. We all know that this time of year can get a little stressful because of all the presents you need to buy, the cooking, people visiting, etc. So calm your mind with a little meditation, some yoga, read a book, anything that will help you take some time to sit and relax. Meditation
  • Squeeze in a short intense workout. Like I mentioned earlier, it is normal to lose motivation to go to the gym around this time, therefore doing a quick at home workout that doesn’t require much equipment will help tons. The short duration makes it easier to squeeze it in anywhere during your day.
  • Bake cookies with the family. You can start looking for healthier recipes starting now, so that you can spend some time with the family making these cookies. This is another great way to have fresh cookies, instead of store-bought, and to also spend quality time with your loved ones. Snacks
  • Lastly, but definitely the most important one, pray that you’ll get through it. You won’t believe the power there is in prayer. Share with God your fears, anxieties, and what you have planned each day, allow Him in and accept His peace.

Remember the reason for the season. Being around your loved ones. Focus on the people you love, spending as much time with them as possible.

family holiday

This is the best season of the year and you’re alive, so enjoy it! Remember how blessed you are!

Also, if you need help getting started on a program to help you stay healthy during the Holidays, or to start the new year coming, visit my Contact page and send me your goals. Plus, don’t forget to Join My Mailing List to get your FREE PDF on a few extra Tips, and receive any updates on more free goodies and new products coming.Let’s do this together!

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So, what are some ways you get through your December? What are some of your tips? Let me know in the comments!


Tips to be more Confident when you go to the gym.

I think we can all agree that gyms can get a little intimidating, specially if you are a newbie at the gym. And if you are a female, even worse, being that the main population in there is male.

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 3.18.37 PMWeight training alone will make you feel more confident, but first you have to be able to feel comfortable stepping into the gym. Where we go wrong is over thinking the situation. We start to imagine all the types of scenarios where something can go wrong, and this will get you nowhere. This can often intervene with your ability to get in shape.

I remember when I first started my journey, I couldn’t even go to the gym by myself. I always had to go with a partner, because I always felt like I didn’t know what I was doing. But eventually I decided that I had to get out of my comfort zone, and started going alone. It has worked out amazingly since then.

So here are some tips that can help you get a little more comfortable when you start going to the gym:

  • Prepare yourself. Decide the workout that you will be doing beforehand. Watch videos, if necessary, so that you know the proper way to do each exercise. Mimic the movements to make sure you know how they feel. I always do this and my friend Abby always makes fun of me for it. But I highly think that this will help you a lot. But you don’t want to get to the gym and wandering around for half an hour trying to figure out what you want to do. Workout on phone
  • Go with a friend until you feel more confident. Even better if they have some type of gym experience. This way they can help you with techniques.
  • You need to get out of your head that people go to the gym to look at you. They don’t, trust me. These people are busy getting their own workout in to notice if you are making a mistake. Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 3.18.59 PM
  • Everyone messes up at times. Even people who have been lifting for years, they’ve made mistakes too. So just relax.
  • Ask for help if you need it. Don’t be embarrassed. We all started the same way. Most people are actually more than willing to help. Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 3.19.55 PM
  • Stop looking at others and comparing yourself to them. Everybody and every body is different. It is normal for you not to be able to lift the same amount that the person next to you is doing. Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle. Remember to concentrate on your form and not trying to outfit the person next to you.
  • Consider trying a few classes. Most gyms offer free classes with your membership. This can be a good way to get active until you are more familiar with what to do. Plus, you can meet a few new people here. Gym Class
  • Create a playlist. This is very simple. What better way to enjoy your workout without worrying about anything else, when you are listening to your favorite tunes?
  • Look good and feel good. Wear a workout outfit that makes you feel confident. This is no different from every day life. The better you look, the better you feel. 
  • Take a quick gym selfie to show that fire confidence.Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 3.20.48 PM
  • Remember why you went in the first place. Remember that you are there for you. So pat yourself on the back for making it. You deserve a “You go girl”.

If you need help on starting your journey, a nutrition or workout program, visit my programs page and contact me so that we can get you started. Plus, don’t forget to Join My Mailing List to get your FREE PDF on a few extra Tips, and receive any updates on more free goodies and new products coming.

What are some things that helped you feel confident when you first started going to the gym?