About Me

Hello!!!My name is Fabely but everyone calls me Fabby! I am Dominican, born in New York but raised in the Dominican Republic. I am now living in Florida since 2005 and have fallen in love with it.

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I am an Online Coach.  I started this journey in 2013 when I was looking to lose a couple of pounds, but little did I know that it was exactly the change I needed in my life. I was able to drop a few pounds and I feel better than ever!  However, it’s not just about the pounds I lost, but the person that I have become throughout this process. Seeing how good I was feeling about myself gave me a confidence that I never had before, and that is what I want for you too.

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Being surrounded by so many positive people and helping others feel the same way I felt, has made me a better person. Best thing that could’ve ever happened in my life, and the family we have created, that’s just the icing on top!

I have been able to change my mindset, to work towards the things I want, to become the best version of myself, I meet beautiful people all the time, I stay healthy and active, and finally have a purpose for myself and everyone around me!

I am committed to helping others change their lives and I want you to be a part of it! What I do is simple; I help women from around the world become more aware of their true potential and inspire them to live a healthy active lifestyle. ​​I help them become strong and confident,  love themselves unconditionally and become their best self.


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