Here are some things we HAVE to leave behind.

So as January comes to an end, I wanted to quickly go over a few things that we should leave behind. These are things that should have been left back in 2017, but if you haven’t yet, DO IT NOW, so that you can finally start improving again.

These are things that you should leave behind so that you can focus your energy on being great, on being amazing, being the best version of yourself and having an amazing 2018.

  • Worrying about unnecessary things. There’s no telling on the amount of time we have all wasted on worrying about something ridiculous.
  • Thinking that self care is selfish. If anything, this is NECESSARY. You need to care for yourself if you want to care for others.
  • Doubts. What’s in the past is in the past. You are only in the NOW. You can’t change the past. It will only stop you from paying attention to opportunities that could be right in front of you.
  • Restrictive diets. Make it a healthy balanced lifestyle, not something where you have to restrict yourself from everything.
  • Being proud of being busy. Ok, this one is a bit odd. But nowadays everyone brags about being busy, but the human mind and body can’t handle that kind of stress well. You don’t want to reach a total burnout. Take some time to recharge.
  • Unrealistic expectations. There is not one person that has a perfect life. Stop comparing yourself to an illusion. If you strive for perfection it will stop you from seeing how good what you have is. Happiness comes from appreciating what you already have.
  • Social Media. You may be thinking, “how is she saying this when one of her main jobs is social media”. I don’t mean completely people. But at least sometimes. Social media is amazing and it offers a great opportunity if you know how to take it, but if you spend too much time on it, it can mess with your head.

What do you want to leave behind?

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