Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays!!! Hope that you had an amazing holiday season with your loved ones. That you enjoyed every single second of it. I sure did, that is why I wanted to share a little bit about how mine went.

Happy New YearNow, I don’t wish you a year where everything is great, that is something unrealistic. I wish you a year where you can look in the mirror and love yourself. That you have enough self-love to fight your battles, and to be humble enough to know when a battle is impossible to win. I wish that you could understand that if you move from complaints things can actually change for you. That you stay away from the “I can’t” and recognize the “I don’t want to”. I wish that you listen to your truth, and that you say it with confidence, because this is your truth. That you face your fears, because it is the only way you will be able to get over it. That you learn how to tolerate other people’s flaws because you also have your own. That you don’t punish yourself for making mistakes, you can’t do it all. That you continue to grow, until the point that you can and want to. I don’t wish that this 2018 brings you happiness but that you can be happy.

That this New Year you become happy, joyful, healthy and successful in everything you want.

Remember that I am here to support you in achieving any personal, health or fitness goal and to help you fulfill your dream.

What did you do for the holidays? What do you celebrate?

Here is how I spent my Holiday Season:

Christmas Eve



Christmas Day




New Year’s Eve

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