All roads lead to Rome (2 Day Trip) – Tips and what to do.

The architecture, the colors, the history. These are the main things that called my attention in Rome. Obviously two days isn’t enough to explore this whole city, but you can definitely get a lot done. This was our third stop from our 3 Week Europe trip. So here’s my 2 Day Rome itinerary.

Now, like I mentioned, Rome is an amazing city, but it is also exhausting. There is so much to do here, must see museums, churches, monuments, and piazzas. We had two full days but three nights in Rome. So we were able to tackle a few things our first night, but those are things that you can still fit into your 2 day itinerary.

For Rome, you’ll need to make sure that you are prepared and organized for an exhausting, but exhilarating, two days! Make sure that you don’t waste any of your time. Make sure you also get an early start. Also, it would help if you freshen up on your Roman History before your visit. It will make you appreciate things a lot more. 

Night 1

We arrived in Rome in the afternoon but train from Venice. Our hotel was right across the station, although I wouldn’t even recommend it. My dad made the mistake of not reading the reviews while booking this hotel, therefore we ended up with a really bad one. All of the buildings in Rome are old, so make sure you do your research when booking your stay.

Since it was a bit late by the time we got there, we decided to leave the itinerary open and see what we were able to do. We left the hotel and walked to a restaurant, not too close, to grab some dinner. The food was delicious.

We had a few hours to explore, so we decided to visit a few spots. Our first stop was the famous Spanish Steps. Since it was late at night, and we visited in November, it was completely empty, which worked out perfectly.

Spanish Steps

We then walked to the Trevi fountain since it wasn’t a long walk from there. Wow! What a beautiful fountain. Definitely take a few minutes to toss a coin and sit around while you enjoy the view.

Trevi Fountain

These two places you can definitely add them to any of your other days, either at night or when you have a few extra hours to explore. But since we had the first night, that’s why we decided to get them out of the way.

Day 1

rome-breakfast.jpgFor our first full day in Rome, we had purchased a tour at the Colosseum. This took us all morning, so we didn’t schedule anything for until after lunch time. We had our quick breakfast from our hotel and headed straight there. This tour included a walk around the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill. The tour is very touristy, but the views and all the information you’ll learn is incredible. I was in awe the whole time during this tour. Definitely worth it, if that’s your thing.

From there, we walked down to the Pantheon, admiring the multiple churches around Piazza Venezia. We had prepared a quick lunch for the road, so we had it while walking there. We went in for a couple of minutes and sat down to admire the architecture.


Piazza NavonaWe continued our route by walking to Piazza Navona, where you’ll see Bernini’s Fountain of the Four Rivers, and ended by Campo di Fiori. You may leave the market for another day when you can visit during the day and purchase snacks. We had finished early, so it was still light out. We enjoyed a quick sandwich here before heading to our hotel.

If you still have energy after all that walking, we chose to walk but you can also take the local train or Uber, then you can go ahead and explore the city at night, or visit the places we did during our first night.

Day 2

Rome day 2

On our second day, we decided to visit the Vatican Museums first. We had also purchased tickets to visit the location, therefore we were able to skip the lines. This place was amazing. Soooo many things to see here.

Take your time looking around at all the amazing art, while you make your way through the Sistine Chapel. You are not able to take pictures in here, but let me just tell you that the ceiling is breathtaking.

After finishing our tour in the Vatican museums, we had our pre-made lunch and made our way to the St. Peter’s Piazza, where you’ll find the St. Peter’s Basilica, the largest church in the world. We opted not to go in because of the long line that it had, but if you’re up for it, you can wait in line while having your lunch. Wednesdays is usually their busiest days, we went on a Wednesday, so you may not have that problem when you visit. 

A few steps from there is the Castle St. Angelo. You can get a great view of the St. Peter’s Piazza while you make your way there. There is a charge to go in, so we also opted out of this one. But if you have the time, definitely go for it.

By this time, we were exhausted, so we decided to head back to the hotel and order pizza from a nearby restaurant. We had an early train to Naples the next morning, so we also took this time to prepare our bags.

Watch this video of my trip, it includes a few more clips from the visit.

What you should know about your visit to Rome:

Tip # 1: Visit during slow season. We were able to enjoy a lot because we didn’t have to wait in long lines to go into these places. We visited in November, which was a bit colder than expected, but I hear that late September/October, or late March/April are great times to visit as well, less traffic and good weather. Also, keep in mind that things may cost you more when you go during summer time.

Tip # 2: Do not squeeze too many things in. If you have the time, great. Do it! But if you are going during peak season, or won’t be purchasing any tours, then try to schedule your time for transportation. Also, leave some space for spontaneous things.

Tip # 3: Prepare snacks. Prepare some snacks and water for when you are out. Try to purchase them at markets near your hotel. This will save you tons because it will help you avoid buying something to eat in every corner. Do enjoy the local food, of course. We tried to always get a hotel that included breakfast, and prepared something for lunch, so that all we had to really sit down for was dinner. We were able to save money and time this way. We also waited to ask the locals what they recommended for us to eat, instead of looking for restaurants online.

Tip # 4: Look for a place to stay that is close to the train station (if you are going from city to city), or local metro for easier transportation and less walking. Get familiar with the map of the area you’ll be staying in and places you’ll be visiting. Get familiar with the metro routes.

Tip # 5: It is also recommended that you contact your Bank before leaving, to let them know that you will be making purchases in a different country so that they don’t block your card. Also, ask if they charge you for using your card, if they have any fees, to see if its more convenient to only use cash. You should still carry a certain amount in cash.

Tip # 6: Try to purchase your tickets early, and when I say early, I really mean early. We bought our plane tickets almost a year ahead of time, and the train tickets (trains from city to city, not the local trains) we purchased months in advanced. Same with the place you’ll be staying and any tours that you will be doing. Trust me, this will help you save A LOT. We all know that the prices go up as you get closer to the time of the trip. There are also tickets in each place that allow you to skip the lines at most of the museums.

Tip # 7: The TripAdvisor app was a big help before and during our trip. In finding where to stay, where to eat, and even the places to visit. Also, we purchased a lot of the things we needed for our trip, like our Travel Power Adapter, through Amazon.

Tip # 8: The places that will take you the longest time are Vatican Museums/Sistine Chapel and the Colosseum/Roman Forum. Try to make these the first places you visit during each day.

Tip # 9: Lastly, be aware of pickpockets, or people asking you to sign anything, to look at something. Keep your bags tight while walking or taking the train or escalators.

There is always more to see, so just do some more research and see what else you would be interested in. But take your time to enjoy Rome. Since we went during fall/winter time, it was a bit cold and muddy since it kept raining. However, the views were still breathtaking.

Well, I hope that this itinerary and tips for Rome help you during your next visit. And if you do follow it, or take any tips from here, please write me. I want to know how it went for you. Don’t forget to read my Europe Trip post to read more about my whole trip and the other places we visited in Europe. Who knows, maybe you follow our same 3 week route.

Get ready for lots of walking, lots of learning and lots of food! Enjoy!

St Petters Piazza me

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