8 Things everyone has secretly done at the gym.

Soooooo….. the other day I was at the gym, you know, minding my business, NOT lol, but I started to notice a few things that people, including myself, do at the gym and think that nobody notices. It was funny, because as I noticed someone do one of these things, I would recall a time, if not many times, that I did the same exact thing.

Here are 8 of those things:

  1. Eyed up someone at the gym while they workout. We have all done this. Whether you are doing it because you find the person attractive, or you simply like the workout they are doing and want to add it to your routine. But we have all stared at someone at the gym.flirt1
  2. Checked yourself out in the mirrors and took a quick selfie. Ok! This one I shouldn’t even have to mention because I KNOWWWWW EVERYONE does it lol. It’s not just me. I hope. But the funniest part is when you notice someone is looking at you taking the selfie, so you start acting like you were just looking something up on your phone. Ha! We all know it was a selfie.Gym Selfie2
  3. Didn’t wipe down the machine after using it. This one is a little gross, but again, we all do it. I understand that sometimes we are in a rush and need to get to the next machine, or we just simply forget. But we need to get better at it. Its simple hygiene. Wipe Machine
  4. Looked at the monitor of the person on the machine next to you to compare their speed, distance, time, calories burnt or whatever it is, and then tried to compete with them. I have to admit, whenever I do that, I quickly catch myself because I shouldn’t be comparing my progress with someone who either has been going to the gym longer or shorter than I have, neither should you. Concentrate on your own progress and compare only to the old you.Treadmill
  5. Used the stretching area to catch up with your gym partner or with your notifications. This one I stopped doing. The more I continue to go to the gym, the less I use my phone. Yes, I still use it to respond to some clients, or to change the music, to track my workout, but I have shorten the time I use it for silly things. You are wasting your money when you do pretty much. Plus, there are people there who really need to use the area and you are just taking your time.Phone at gym
  6. Grabbed a heavier weight just so you can look stronger than the person next to you, or added more weight and NOPE, lol. This one right here can get you hurt. Just don’t do it. You know your body, you know what you can handle, so go by that and only that.gym-fail.jpg
  7. Convinced yourself that you are just too tired, not feeling it, so that you can go home because you just couldn’t finish the workout. I have been there. But we should always try to do our best when we go to the gym. Like I said earlier, you are paying for this gym. Don’t let that money go to waste.yawn.jpg
  8. Judged someone for their form or routine. Ok…. If you see that someone is doing something wrong, instead of judging them, why don’t you go ahead and help them. Wouldn’t you want someone to help you when you are doing something wrong?Judge at gym

These are just a few of the things I have noticed others or myself doing when going to the gym. But let’s start being considerate of our fellow gym goers. We all started our journey somewhere. You wouldn’t want others to judge you the same way you’re doing it.

Let’s encourage one another instead. We are all in this together.

Random Thought: Why did the High School Musical song just pop into my head when I wrote that? Not sure. But if you did too, I’m glad. bahahaha. lol

So, have you done any of these? Let me know which ones or if there are any I missed. Would love to hear some of the things you have done.

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